Keynote Speakers / Workshop facilitators / Invited Guests

Your logistic arrangements shall be looked after by the Logistics committee. They already have your details issued by us and shall contact you for finalization of logistic affairs as and when required. However, if you have any queries / special needs / preferences, you may contact (a) the logistics committee <>, or (b) directly to the secretary of the congress <>.

For Participants

Logistic arrangements for participants of the congress and pre-congress activities are on self finance basis. We have corporate arrangement with the finest hotels of Islamabad which are near to the vicinity of congress and pre-congress venue. Having a corporate arrangement means that we should be able to provide you with discounted/special rates for your boarding and lodging requirements. Please submit your request to <> alongwith the following details:

a. Complete name

b. CNIC number

c. Permanent address

d. Cell No.

e. Check-in date and time

f. Check-out date and time

The congress secretariat shall access your request and forward it to the logistics committee for further processing. Someone from the logistics committee shall contact you for furhter correspondance.