mHEALTH is "the delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices".

- Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH)


"mHEALTH stands for mobile-based or mobile-enhanced solutions that deliver health. The ubiquity of mobile devices in the developed or developing world presents the opportunity to improve health outcomes through the delivery of innovative medical and health services with information and communication technologies to the farthest reaches of the globe".

- THe mHEALTH Alliance

Goal of D-HEALTH

"To improve the delivery of healthcare"

  • To improve quality and access
  • Care-coordination 
  • Lower re-hospitalization
  • Improve outcomes
  • Lower infection rates
  • Monitor patient status in real time
  • Digital divide is smaller for phones than for the internet
  • Mobile phone technology is easier/cheaper to roll out to large areas than fixed technologies
  • Mobile phones are immune to social prejudices
    • Male/female
    • Rural/urban
    • Young/old
  • Cost effective & cost saving
  • Measurement
    • Tracking - diet, excercise
    • Blood sugar, blood pressure
  • Diagnostic
    • Portable imaging
    • Sensors
  • Treatment
    • Chronic disease management
    • Remote clinical trials
  • Comprehensive 
    • Dissemination of health information
    • Disease surveillance
    • Prevention & wellness interventions
    • Educate & awareness
    • Helpline
Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Tablets:
    • Maximize portable technology in the patient encounter
    • Point of care documentation
    • Real-time care coordination
    • Labs & imaging
    • Patient education
    • Therapy benefits
    • Access to past medical history
    • Countless additional benefits


  •  Smartphones:
    • Care coordination
    • External device connection for testing and diagnostics
      • Blood pressure monitoring
      • Blood glucose levels
    • Use of smart apps


  • D-HEALTH Apps:
    • Online apps or on a device
    • Health & wellness
    • Diagnostic and testing
    • Patient education
    • Labs & imaging
    • Social media integration


  • Wearables:
    • Track and trend activity levels
    • Sense and analyze information from substances emitted from transdermal source
    • Use social media to enhance user accountability. "Peer pressure" effect


  • Implantables:
    • Possible vision correction and enhancements
    • Vital sign or blood glucose monitoring
    • Relay information back to Nurse case managers or physicians
    • Lots of diagnostic & monitoring potential
Research outcomes
  • Effective chronic disease management
  • Effective self management of disease and sucesful clinical outcomes
  • Better quality of life
  • Reduction of error
  • Better control of infectious disease
  • Accessibility of healthcare in rural areas
  • Cost effective
  • Better medication adherence
  • Better maternal child health
  • Improve attendance to healthcare appointments
  • Reimbursement structure
  • Physician's concerns
    • Reduce face to face interaction
    • Increased workload
  • Security
  • Privacy
HIMSS roadmap

Guide to professionals on the adoption of mobile and D-HEALTH devices & technologies respectively:

  • New care models
  • Technology
  • Reimbursement, payment models & ROI
  • Legal and policy
  • Standards & interoperability
  • Privacy & security